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Topic: Marilyn's Beauty
by Claire Stevenson

How to do your make up like Marilyn!
A Special Report from Claire on  Marilyn's Beauty Regimen
Release Your Inner Marilyn

Misquoting Marilyn
The Underestimation of Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jeane and Marilyn  

The Next Marilyn Monroe  

How Did Marilyn Change the World?

The Myths of August 5th

Marijane Gray
Whitey & Marilyn
Elisa Jordan
‘My Life With Marilyn’  
Hazel Singer
The Real Marilyn Monroe is More
Astonishing By Far
Marilyn and the Miller Tale
The Real Marilyn Monroe
Nov. 14, 1960: The Mirror begins
publishing Maurice Zolotow’s
biography of Marilyn Monroe (and yes,
Clark Gable, her co-star in “The Misfits”
dies in a few days). On the jump,
Simone Signoret says that if Monroe is
in love with her husband, Yves
Montand, "it proves she has good taste.
For I am in love with him too."
Paparazzi have feeding frenzy with
Miller and Monroe in the 1950s
The Ultimate Screen Beauties
in a survey of Hollywood actresses through the ages
Breakfast at Tiffany's: When Audrey
Hepburn won Marilyn Monroe's role
“Marilyn Monroe to Salisbury?” by Mark Wineka
Indelible Images of a Pop Icon
Gloria Steniem on Marilyn
Jack Cole Made
Marilyn Monroe Move
The Ultimate Screen Beauties
in a survey of Hollywood actresses through the ages
Brilliant Stardom and Personal Tragedy Punctuated the
Life of Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
PHOTOS: See Her Win Her First
The Secret Body Language of
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe’s potent musicality
Backstory 3
Interviews with Screenwriters
of the 1960's
Pat McGilligan
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Berkeley Los Angeles Oxford
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Marilyn Monroe's Vision for a New America
Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe
by Kim Morgan
Life Magazine Photo Collection
Online (along with many unseen
MM photos!)
Marilyn & Johnny
Legends of the Falls
Marilyn Portrait Tutorial
American Masters
Marilyn Monroe - A Still Life
Marilyn Monroe:
They broke the mold
Vintage Corner: Marilyn Monroe:
More than a sex icon
Marilyn Monroe Wasn't a
Material Girl
These days, Marilyn Monroe
outshines Liz Taylor, which
proves that an early death is
a star's best friend
Immortal Marilyn loves
Liz Smith...
Marilyn's Champion
The Marilyn You Don't Know
Marilyn Monroe Sex Film Hoax
FBI documents contradict broker's unsubstantiated claims about reel
Marilyn Monroe ‘Sex Tape’ – Why you shouldn’t believe
everything you read
By Rebecca Swift
The Sex Hoax articles are not the first by a long shot. Here Marilyn
was defending herself against just such allegations. Click here to read
about it & see the photos taken in court.