February 2012 Book of the Month
Marilyn's Footsteps
Michelle Morgan
Paperback: 129 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Michelle Morgan (Jan 2012)

As many fans from around the world prepare to make a pilgrimage to Marilyn Monroe's memorial on what will be the 50th
anniversary of her passing, it seems only fitting that I should bring to focus a new version of Michelle Morgan's brilliantly
researched 1995 book, Marilyn's Addresses with the self-published, Marilyn's Footsteps.

It has sections dedicated to the USA and England and is the ideal travelling accessory for anyone who wishes to learn where
Marilyn worked, lived and played and wants to see for themselves. The book acts like a guide and is useful for describing the
history of the locations with references to Marilyn's connection to them, if they places have changed or indeed if they still exist.

This version of Michelle's book was previously available as an eBook which if you're like me and unfamiliar with that term it's a
publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers
or other electronic devices. Michelle has made it available in the conventional printed format through print-on-demand site

I received my copy within days of ordering and was very happy with the service. The book is printed beautifully and has a very
exclusive cover picture of Marilyn taken while performing in Korea by Don Obermeyer, who was a member of her band during
the trip and Michelle has dedicated the book to him.

Michelle Morgan is well known and highly respected among Marilyn fans and collectors alike and was the president of the UK's
longest running Marilyn Monroe fan club. She is the author of the meticulously researched biography, Marilyn Monroe: Private
And Undisclosed. She writes frequently for magazines, has her own newspaper column and has contributed to television
programmes for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News