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our times a year, Valentine's Day, June 1, (Marilyn's birthday) August 5th (Anniversary of Marilyn's passing) and December for the holidays, we
grace Marilyn's crypt with flowers and cards. Additional funds remaining after purchasing the flowers are donated to
Animal Haven of New York City
in Marilyn's name and honor. This is made possible by contributions from members of Immortal Marilyn.
Westwood Flower Garden is Immortal Marilyn's one and only provider of our flowers. They cannot be surpassed.

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June 1, 2015 marked what would have been Marilyn's 89th birthday. Immortal Marilyn's membership sure
stepped up. Together we raised enough money to get this beautiful arrangement of white daisies, blue
delphiniums and baby breath that were placed at her crypt.
In addition to that, $400 was donated to the Animal Haven No-Kill Shelter of NYC. Thank you to all who made
this all possible in remembering Marilyn in such a special way on her birthday.
Rudy & Diane Tisdale

Shar Daws &
Loving Marilyn

Mary Sims

Alberto Fernandez


Carolien Krijnen

Suzie Kennedy

Becca, Rob & Oscar Swift

Peter Lo

Joey Traughber

Andrea Winkler

Aldora Terrell

Johan Grimmius
Leslie Kasperowicz

Charlotte Daborn

Jan Levitan

Cora Morana

Gia , Paul, Ryan, & Danny

David Marshall

Vanessa Roden

Tina Garland

Jennifer McLaughlin

Donna Shields

Shaney Evans

María Soto
Dorina Barile

Deborah Bakker

Edwin Bakker

Svetlana Bochkarev

Deb Hoyle

Nancy Cook  

Melissa Murphy

Gianandrea Colombo

Sirkku Aaltonen

Dolly Eaton

Manel Torquet

Lucinda Burton
Aldora Terrell

Grant Discombe

Terra Willis

Martine Franssens

Brandi Wakeley

Kati Iluk

Megan Owen

Jackie Craig  

Treena Leonard

Dawn Jones

James Zereuk

Jennifer Duncan

Sami Bobowski
Valentine's Day 2015

She is still our favorite Valentine!
Thank you to each person who helped make the beautiful flowers, the card, and the donation of
$150 to Animal Haven of  NYC  in Marilyn's honor possible.

December 2014

This Christmas the holiday flowers for Marilyn were especially beautiful with assorted flowers in a deep red.
Our last donation for the calendar year 2014 to Animal Haven in the amount of $405 was made, and thank you to all who made this possible!

I'm proud to say Immortal Marilyn has given in total $1905 for the year of 2014 to Animal Haven. Marilyn would be so touched and honored to see
how her fans pull together to give 4 times a year to a no-kill shelter such as Animal Haven, and remember her with flowers.

August, 2014 - The 52nd Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's Passing

Immortal Marilyn's wonderful membership raised enough money through individual
contributions for these beautiful flowers and an additional $565 was raised for
Animal Haven
Pictured here is Immortal Marilyn's LA
Representative Jackie Craig.
Jackie also works closely with
The Marilyn Remembered Fan Club.
She is holding this years Memorial
Program, she helped distribute.
June 1, 2014 - Marilyn Monroe's 88th Birthday

Marilyn's incredible fans raised money for these beautiful birthday
flowers and an additional $670 raised for
Animal Haven
Valentine's Day 2014

Beautiful flowers were given to Marilyn, our Sweetheart, and $265 was raised and given to Animal Haven in her name.
For the Love of Ross
Christmas 2013

The lovely card and flowers were given to Marilyn this Christmas. Above the cost of the flowers an extra $225 was also raised. This money will
go to the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland in remembrance of Ross McNaughton and Marilyn.
All  thanks go to Marilyn's wonderful and generous fans at Immortal Marilyn for making it possible.

August 5th, 2013 - 51st Memorial

Beautiful flowers were placed at Marilyn's crypt, and $440 raised for the Leukaemia Foundation of
Queensland, given in honor of Ross McNaughton and Marilyn.
Thank you to Jackie Craig for overseeing the placement of the flowers, Scott Fortner also for assisting, and
to Ashlee Davis for creating  this beautiful card on behalf of all who contributed to buying the breathtaking
flowers for Marilyn.
Happy Birthday Marilyn - June 1, 2013

Immortal Marilyn's fan base had a huge fund raiser to raise funds for a marker for Ross McNaughton at
Westwood Cemetery. After the cost of that, $3445.00 remained and was donated to the Leukaemia Foundation
of Queensland in memory of Ross McNaughton and Marilyn Monroe.
Valentine's Day 2013

Immortal Marilyn is so grateful to all who made our Valentine's Day for Marilyn and Animal Haven of NYC
Marilyn's crypt, made possible by her beloved fans.a great success. $265 was raised for Animal Haven, and
this incredibly beautiful heart wreath was placed at
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