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Fraser with his extensive library of
Marilyn Monroe books
Jan/Feb 2013

Marilyn: An Untold Story
Norma Rosten
March/April 2013

Marilyn Monroe:
A Photographic History of her
Iconic Life
Marie Clayton
May/June 2013

They Knew Marilyn Monroe
Famous Persons in the Life of a
Hollywood Icon
Les Harding
July/August 2013

Marilyn Monroe:
A Life of an Actress
Carl Rollyson, Jr.
September/October 2013

Marilyn An Illustrated History
Sandra Forty
November/December 2013

Marilyn Her Life in Pictures
Martin Howard
Icon: The Life, Times, And Films Of Marilyn Monroe
Gary Vitacco-Robles

January/February 2015 Review
Vol 1 (1926 to 1956) isbn: 978-1-59393-555-9
Vol 2 (1956 to 1962 & Beyond) isbn: 978-1-59393-778-2

Publisher: Bear Manor Media (2014).
This is the most detailed account of Marilyn Monroe so far. After 100's of biographies, each one offering their own take on
Marilyn's life and death and only a few of them being commendable, Gary Vitacco-Robles presents us with the definitive study
of a woman who has been examined and discussed with almost as much scrutiny as Jesus Christ.

These two books offer the reader a comprehensive view of Marilyn, giving them an academic level of study that is easy to read
and follow and in doing so, putting to bed the myths and lies that have been written over the years since her death and about
her death! Based upon interviews, diaries, medical and personal files, they also cover all aspects of her career and film work.

Gary's life long knowledge of Marilyn Monroe is apparent in the book as he writes about the years that followed her death and
his own understanding of the subject, drawing from this the basis of his conclusions, void of sensationalism. In doing so
restoring Marilyn's reputation in the process.

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An Interview with the Author, Gary Vitacco-Robles
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January/February 2014

The Films of Marilyn Monroe
Conway and Ricci
March/April 2014

Marilyn Monroe: Her Life in Pictures
James Spada with George Zeno
May/June 2014

Marilyn The Star and Her Music
Michael Heatley (Gift book & CD)
July/August 2014

Marilyn Monroe - A Celebration of
the Most Iconic Woman from
Hollywood's Golden Era
Gabrielle Mander
September/October 2014

Casting Norma Jeane
James Claeg
November/December 2014

The Loves of Marilyn Monroe
J.I. Baker
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