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Fraser with his extensive library of
Marilyn Monroe books
Jan/Feb 2013

Marilyn: An Untold Story
Norma Rosten
March/April 2013

Marilyn Monroe:
A Photographic History of her
Iconic Life
Marie Clayton
May/June 2013

They Knew Marilyn Monroe
Famous Persons in the Life of a
Hollywood Icon
Les Harding
July/August 2013

Marilyn Monroe:
A Life of an Actress
Carl Rollyson, Jr.
September/October 2013

Marilyn An Illustrated History
Sandra Forty
November/December 2013

Marilyn Her Life in Pictures
Martin Howard
Marilyn Monroe - A celebration of the most iconic
woman from Hollywood's golden era
Gabrielle Mander

July/August 2014 Review
Hardcover: 80 pages
Publisher: Parragon Books (July 4, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1472351357
This is a delightful look at Marilyn's brief life and film work, through photographic images from her pin-up years to her
movies, which is the main focus of the book.

Each film appearance is covered from Dangerous Years to Something's Got To Give and has a brief synopsis along with some
background details.

While the text is sparse on detail, it presents her story in an easy to tell manor, focusing on her achievements along her road
to stardom and touching on some of the difficulties she would endure at the peak of her career. There are some errors in the
text, for example it states that Some Like It Hot, was her third film with Billy Wilder.

There's over 80 photographs and they are selected from The Kobal Collection, the leading film photo archive which boasts to
owning over 1,000,000 images from the earliest days of cinema to the latest releases. Here presented in colour and black and
white is a taste of their Marilyn related stills.

This is a nice hardcover book to add to your collection.
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January/February 2014

The Films of Marilyn Monroe
Conway and Ricci
March/April 2014

Marilyn Monroe: Her Life in Pictures
James Spada with George Zeno
May/June 2014

Marilyn The Star and Her Music
Michael Heatley (Gift book & CD)
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